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125cc E5 ECU Unrestricted High revving

SKU 125cc_E5_ECU_Unrestricted_High_revving
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50cc E5 ECU Unrestricted High revving

SKU 50cc_E5_ECU_Unrestricted_High_revving__1193
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Rear Sprocket, 30 or 32 Tooth, 420 Pitch for Honda, Skyteam, Bullit, Kymco

SKU Rear_Chain_Sprocket__30_or_32_Tooth__420_Pitch_for_Honda__Skyteam__Bullit__Kymco_1092
7 In Stock
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Motorcycle 12 Volt, 4.2 Ah, Sealed AGM Lead Acid Battery BTX4L, BTZ5S, MG4L, MG4L-BS

SKU Motorcyle_12_Volt__4_2_Ah__Sealed_Lead_Acid_Battery_BTX4L__BTZ5S__MG4L__MG4L-BS
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125cc Engine Skyteam Skymax, Skymini, Bullit Heritage, Honda Dax, C70, C90, Z50

SKU 125cc_Engine_Skyteam_Skymax__Skymini__Bullit_Heritage__Honda_Dax__C70__C90__Z50_Condition__New
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Brake Pads, Skyteam Skymax, Skymini, Skybongo, Bullit Heritage,Triton Manix, Zhenhua Dax

SKU Brake_Pads_Skyteam_Skymax__Skymini__Bullit_Heritage_Triton_Manix__Zhenhua_Dax_952
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Skyteam Skymax, Bullit Heritage, Triton Manix, Zhenhua Dax Under Seat Toolbox or Tool Tray

SKU Skyteam_Skymax__Bullit_Heritage__Triton_Manix__Zhenhua_Dax_Under_Seat_Toolbox_or_Tool_Tray
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Motorcycle Chain, 420 Pitch, JT Heavy Duty, Gold & Black, 126 links & Split Link

21% off
SKU Motorcycle_Chain__420_Pitch__JT_Heavy_Duty__Gold___Black__126_links___Split_Link
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Small Smoked Screen or Windshield fits Honda Dax, Monkey, Gorilla and all Copies, 5'' to 6'' Round Headlight

11% off
SKU Honda_Dax__Monkey__Gorilla_and_all_Copies_Small_Screen__Windshield_5___to_6___Round_Headlight
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Rear Sprocket, 30, 40 or 42 Tooth, 420 Pitch, Skyteam, Bullit, Monkey & Dax Copies

SKU Rear_Chain_Sprocket__30__40_or_42_Tooth__420_Pitch__Skyteam__Bullit__all_Dax_Copies_1099
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Front Sprocket, 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17 Tooth, 420 Pitch Honda Dax, Monkey & Copies

SKU Front_Chain_Sprocket__13__14__15__16_or_17_Tooth__420_Pitch_Honda_Dax__Monkey___Copies_1077
3 In Stock
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Chain Adjusters x 2 for Honda, Skyteam, Triton, Bullit, Zhenhua, Dax, Monkey, Gorilla

SKU Chain_Adjusters_x_2_for_Honda__Skyteam__Triton__Bullit__Zhenhua__Dax__Monkey__Gorilla
16 In Stock

Brake Shoes 110 x 25mm Honda ST50, ST70, Dax, C90, Z50 & all Chinese Copies

SKU Brake_Shoes_110_x_25mm_Honda_ST50__ST70__Dax__C90__Z50___all_Chinese_Copies
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Mudguards Honda ST50, Skyteam Skymax, Bullit Heritage,Triton Manix, Zhenhua Dax

SKU Mudguards_Honda_ST50__Skyteam_Skymax__Bullit_Heritage_Triton_Manix__Zhenhua_Dax_955
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Bar end mirrors

SKU Bar_end_mirrors
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72cc Conversion kit: (50cc only)

SKU 70cc_Conversion_kit___50cc_only_
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125cc ECU Unrestricted High revving

SKU 125cc_ECU_Unrestricted_High_revving_897
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65 years
Triton Motorcycles

The legendary Triton motorcycle name and logo is the internationally renowned mark of the quintessential must have British Café racer dating back to the start of the 1960's through to the present day, it is the motorcycle which set the benchmark for all the Café racers of its era and inspired the road racer and race track bikes of today.

Our passion here at Triton Motorcycles is to continue keeping the legend true to form and to always deliver what is only expected from all its followers with new E4 compliant small capacity (50cc and 125cc) bikes with loads of performance parts to inspire new Triton motorcycle enthusiasts, New # numbered limited edition large capacity bikes to tempt the big bike enthusiasts, a men’s and ladies lifestyle clothing range to cater for all fashion tastes and high quality CNC precision reproduction Triton Featherbed (duplex cradle) frames for those who wish to create their own dream bike.

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The legendary Triton name and logo is the internationally renowned mark of the quintessential must...

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The legendary Triton name and logo is the internationally renowned mark of the quintessential must...

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