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New Triton E-Scooter

The new Triton high-power, high-speed electric scooter range are the result of years in research and development to achieve an optimum balance between sustained power, maximum speed, low weight, battery longevity, minimum battery charge period, and electric motor reliability, which will also be the platform used for our much-awaited 2022 all-electric Triton motorcycles.

All Triton electric scooter are fully foldable making them ideal for motorhomes, caravans, boats, inner city living or for just the car boot, anywhere storage space is limited.

E-Scooters are widely accepted and perfectly legal to use throughout most of Europe such as Spain, Italy, France, and Germany etc... but different counties do have slightly different common sense E-Scooter laws, such as wearing protective head gear, road speed limits, prohibited from use on pavements and rider age restrictions which in one country start as low as 8 years old and all have no license requirements, so we highly recommend checking on a countries E-Scooter laws (which are easily found on the internet) prior to any European E-Scooter use.  

Click on the news update link for the UK Governments plan to make e-scooters legal: News Update  

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How Triton E-Scooters (electric scooters) are different from the competition! 

Our Triton E-Scooters or electric scooters are constructed from only the finest quality component parts fitted to a competition designed stiff lightweight chassis and are amongst the most powerful and fastest scooters on the market with even our lowest power scooter in the Triton E-Scooter range double the wattage power of the average E-Scooter available through the high street superstores.  

Our most powerful top-end E-Scooters are constant two-wheel drive (all-wheel drive) meaning they have powerful brushless electric motors simultaneously driving both the front and rear wheel pushing speeds upwards of 50mph. 

Triton’s Extensive Range 

The Triton E-Scooter range starts with the impressively powered 500-watt TS02 model through to our all-wheel drive 3200-watt TS11-T & TS13-6 models, all models providing seamlessly smooth precision power control at your fingertips, and equally precise braking power. 

With nine very different Triton E-Scooter models currently available there is truly something here for everyone, for the all-terrain off-roader, the show stopping freestyler through to the craziest power-hungry adrenaline junky. 

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Precision & Power 

Precision fingertip-controlled power and speed can give stomach churning acceleration and eye watering blistering high speed in an instant or slow precise calm acceleration and pace when needed, always putting the rider in complete control.  

All Triton E-Scooters come bristling with the latest in tech, all boast full front and rear suspension, disc brakes, full onboard display, most have front and rear lights, and some are equipped with a seat, and all models are fully foldable. 

We only recommend our E-Scooters are piloted by a competent adult who fully understands the dangers and risks associated with any kind of two-wheel recreational activity and fully understands the importance of wearing the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) so definitely not recommended for kids. 


It is the sole responsibility of all Triton electric scooter customers to research the law regarding the use of electric scooter within the town, city, or country of intended use.

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Triton Motorcycles ltd or its owners will not be held responsible for any legal breach committed in the use of any Triton electric scooter.

Note: Triton electric scooters are not toys, like all forms of personal vehicles of transport electric scooters are extremely dangerous and should only be operated by a competent adult who understands all the associated dangers. 

We encourage all Triton electric scooter owners to always wear the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) in their use. 

Triton Motorcycles Ltd or its owners will take no responsibility for any property damage or physical harm caused in the ownership, operation or use of any Triton electric scooter.  

All battery charging should always be conducted using a power point protected by a residual current devise (RCD).