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New Triton Motorcycles

With price tags on motorcycles, safety head gear and clothing being now so high we will all agree on how serious and formal motorcycle ownership and riding has become! It is because of this we decided to produce a Triton motorcycle which would appeal to all age groups inspiring young riders and nostalgia to those much older boys and girls, a motorcycle which is manageable and fun, with a touch of retro design but with up to date cutting edge motorcycle technology, made with high quality materials, with a robust build design and high quality finish, economic to run, affordable to buy, service, repair, insure and with a low road tax cost, a motorcycle that is easy to personalise and modify to cater for all tastes, a motorcycle which oozes character that you can just ride ever day without all the preparation and drama.

What materialised from this was the Triton MANIX ST-50 and Triton MANIX ST-125, both bikes are the most versatile, lightest, fastest, most awe inspiring, most modifiable and most environmentally friendly motorcycle in their class.

Only weighing between 81-84 kilograms and with a storage or transport height of only 850 mm sitting on its centre stand with the handlebars folded down, 800 mm if on its side stand with the handlebars folded down and 1000 mm sitting on its centre stand with the handlebars fixed in the up position, the Triton Manix is ideal for inner city living, caravans, boats and motorhomes where storage and weight limitations are a problem (measurements are with the standard handlebar mirrors removed).  

With a desire to make the Triton robust and recyclable we have avoided plastic as much as possible leaving only the barest of components made from recyclable plastic, all the items usually manufactured in plastic such as headlight bowl, mud guards, chain guard, fuel tank and handlebar switchgear are all made from steel or alloy.

The Triton MANIX ST-50 and the Triton MANIX ST-125 both boast high levels of technology for small bikes with digital clock display indicating either MPH or KPH, gear position, a fuel level indicator, a time clock and engine fault warning indicator.

An LED halo daylight running headlight with a photocell providing automatic headlight on in the event of entering sudden darkness and LED turn indicators.

An ECU ignition system, electronic fuel injection, electric start with a kickstart as back up, front and rear disc brakes with (CBS) combined braking system (125cc only) 50cc front brake disc only.

Download the Manix Spec spreadsheet as a PDF by clicking the button below.          

MANIX spec sheet


Motorcycle Colour Options

We do a variety of gloss metallic, gloss solid and matt paint frame colours with our traditional enamel black engine, black mudguards, black handlebars and black fittings.

Ordering or Reserving a Motorcycle

We operate a no risk Triton motorcycle purchase experience for our customers, to reserve any available motorcycle a £100 fully refundable deposit is required with the balance only payable in full on picking up or delivery, only once the customer or their agent has had a no presure, no time limit oppertunity to physically examine their potential new Triton motorcycle and are 100% happy to proceed with the purchase.

Delivery is currently £1.75 per mile round trip, but capped at £399.00 plus any required tolls, low carbon or congestion zone city charges (UK mainland only), or to pick up in person from our warehouse in Cheshire is absolutely free of charge and we will be happy to make you a cup of tea.

All deliveries are performed by our own staff in our own vehicles, we never use a third party delivery company.

Please note: All delivery charges must be treated completely separately from any motorcycle purchase and are none refundable if the motorcycle is rejected once delivered. 



Once They're Gone They're Gone!

Please Note: As the UK and European motorcycle industry moves from Euro-4 conformity to Euro-5 conformity for all new motorcycles this will see the ability to buy a new Euro-4 Triton Manix ST-50 & ST-125 finish, so don't leave it too late to make your order as once they're gone they're gone! These amazing bikes are a piece of unique and rare British motorcycle history which will never be repeated and all our remaining UK stock is going quickly so don't delay.

Comming soon: To commemorate the phasing out of the E4 Manix we will be running a very limited # numbered run of Retro Factory Edition 50's & 125's which will be full loaded with custom cosmetic parts as standard (further information available soon). 

We do have a plan for a Euro-5 replacement of the Manix for later in 2023 along with four new full size Triton motorcycle models, more high powered, high speed electric Triton scooter models and hopefully the launch of our much awaited electric Triton motorcycle. NOTE: all service and replacement parts for the E4 Triton Manix will not be effected in any way.


If you are uncertain about any of the new motorcycle pricing information below Tel: 0333 343 1003 and we will be happy to assist

50cc E4

Standard Manix 50cc

Triton Manix ST-50 Brand New RRP £3500.00.

Triton Manix ST-50 Nearly new (Pre-Registered) £2425.00 (Plus road tax).

Limited Edition Manix 50cc

Triton Manix ST-50 # numbered Limited edition Brand New RRP £4100.00.

Triton Manix ST-50 # numbered Limited edition Nearly new (Pre-registered) £...enquire (plus road tax).

125cc E4

Standard Manix 125cc

Triton Manix ST-125 Brand New RRP £3600.00.

Triton Manix ST-125 Nearly new (Pre-Registered) £2625.00 (Plus road tax).

Limited Edition Manix 125cc

Triton Manix ST-125 # numbered Limited edition Brand New RRP £4200.00.  

Triton Manix ST-125 # numbered Limited edition Nearly new (Pre-registered) £...enquire (Plus road tax).


Power and speed restriction removal

Altering the settings of your ECU will increase your motorcycle performance and its legal conformity for road use and should therefore only be used for off road purposes such as a track event, we do not endorse or encorrage the fitting or use of any performance or conformity tampering products for legal road use purposes.  

Motorcycle Warranty

These bikes are made from only the finest quality materials and are made in compliance with the current E4 European Certificate of Conformity which is focused on quality, technology, reliability, economy, performance and emissions.

Each newly registered bike comes with a full 2 years parts and labour Triton motorcycle warranty, this warranty can also be upgraded to 3 years at a small cost from the point of purchase.

Our Triton ST-Performance cosmetic parts are all Triton motorcycle warranty approved and will not effect the terms of the warranty providing they are genuine Triton motorcycle parts, supplied by Triton Motorcycles and are all professionally fitted by a VAT registered motorcycle service centre, however please note that the parts themselves will not be covered by the motorcycle warranty they will only be covered by the 12 month individual parts warranty from the date of purchase.

All motorcycle servicing, cosmetic performance parts fitting and warranty work can be carried out by any reputable VAT registered motorcycle service centre local to you. 

For further warranty information and how your personal data is stored please carefully read all the warranty documents provided to you at the point of motorcycle purchase or read online by clicking the link below. Privacy Policy &  terms and conditions of warranty



Limited Edition MANIX ST-50 and MANIX ST-125

We will on occasion run a limited edition series of motorcycles which are Limited edition assembled in our own Triton motorcycles workshop these bikes come complete with a lots of ST-performance cosmetic parts as standard such as, enamel black rear gas shocks, rear tail tidy light unit and are badge numbered to show that they are genuine official Limited edition Triton motorcycle and the service documents are stamped and signed by our Triton Motorcycles CEO to prove authenticity.

Note: It is always important to fully inform the riders insurance provider that this is a limited edition motorcycle and of its full purchase value however as an official limited edition Triton motorcycle the parts added do not alter the overall performance of the motorcycle from that of a standard Triton MANIX ST-50 or MANIX ST-125 the parts added are for aesthetic purposes only.

As an official limited edition Triton Manix all parts are fully covered under the Triton motorcycle warranty.


All Electric Triton MANIX ST-E

We are currently working on a fully electric version of our much loved MANIX ST, the MANIX ST-E motorcycle will look, ride and handle the same as the petrol version MANIX but powered by a powerful electric motor instead of a petrol combustion engine, we are working to ensure the bikes range, sustained power at speed, battery capacity, durability, electric motor longevity and European certificate of conformity for registering on our UK roads.

Sorry no images are available yet so you will just need to checking on here or look for updates through the motorcycle media.