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50cc ECU Unrestricted High revving

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50cc E4 Unrestricted High revving

This is an unrestricted, high revving, full power ECU with the options of being supplied with or without the unrestricted large smooth bore inlet manifold and or throttle body mechanism which will replace the standard 50cc E4 restricted Rojo ECU.

Note: The replacement (optional) large smooth bore inlet manifold is required for the purpose of the derestriction to work.

This ECU has had the E4 (EU) power and speed restriction removed and is sports mapped which can be supplied with or without its throttle body and unrestricted large smooth bore inlet manifold.

Important: There are two types of ECU to match the two versions of fuel pump which is mounted near the engine (the location of the fuel pump varies with each manufacturer), please look at the images and select the ECU which matches your fuel pump type (Rotor fuel pump or Magnetic fuel pump)

Note: For the unrestricted ECU to show its full potential it should be noted that an unrestricted exhaust, air filter and sprocket kit should also be fitted.

if you are in anyway unsure email us first for advise before ordering.

The following E4 motorcycles where fitted with the restricted Rojo fuel injection and ECU: 

Triton Manix ST-50cc

Bullit Heritage 50cc EFI

All Skyteam 50cc EFI bikes: Skyteam Skymax, Skymini, Skybongo, T-Rex

All Zhenhua 50cc EFI bikes (in some Zhenhua Dax 50 cases an unrestricted connection pipe between the throttle body and inlet manifold is required which is listed separately as an option).

Check out these YouTube links:

Important: By fitting this ECU or altering the settings of your ECU will increase your motorcycle performance and its legal conformity for road use and should therefore only be used for off road purposes such as a track event, we do not endorse or encorage the fitting or use of any performance or conformity tampering products for legal road use purposes. 

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Our passion here at Triton Motorcycles is to continue keeping the legend true to form and to always deliver what is only expected from all its followers with new E4 compliant small capacity (50cc and 125cc) bikes with loads of performance parts to inspire new Triton motorcycle enthusiasts, New # numbered limited edition large capacity bikes to tempt the big bike enthusiasts, a men’s and ladies lifestyle clothing range to cater for all fashion tastes and high quality CNC precision reproduction Triton Featherbed (duplex cradle) frames for those who wish to create their own dream bike.

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